About ODS

Dear Colleagues,

On the behalf of Board of Directors of the Oman Dental Society, I would like first to acknowledge the important contribution of the founding members in the establishment of the dental society.

Oman Dental Society (ODS) is an independent body, established under the umbrella of the Oman Medical Association (OMA), representing all those who work in the dental profession. The Society will be looking after their requirements, solving their problems and protecting them as they discharge their professional duties, and taking Oman to the highest level of excellence in dental care and oral health education. The primary objective of the ODS is to organize and conduct ‘continuing dental education’ activities for dental professionals to keep up with the latest developments and advancements in their respective fields. Further, ODS would be actively providing professional service to various organizations within the Oman Medical Association, and establish link with other associations and societies regionally and internationally. ODS will provide the opportunity for its member to participate in the different scientific activities held locally and internationally.

There is a lot to be done and the ODS is just starting and is going through the development phase and depends on the active participation and strong commitment of all of its members.

We are looking forward for your active participation, which will no doubt have a positive impact in the development of the Dental care and Dental profession.